Best ever winter warmers!

This is the time of year when all you really want is comfort food. I’ve been busy in the kitchen rustling up some satisfying winter warmers to share with you. Look on the recipe tab to find detailed instructions so you can make them too. These meals might not be great if you’re counting calories but they’re certainly satisfying!

Jamaican Chicken

Jamaican Chicken

Firstly – ‘Jamaican Chicken’. I don’t know where this recipe originally came from as it is a family favourite, which I have been cooking for years. Not a very ‘refined’ looking plate, but tastes amazing on a cold winter’s night – a spicy sauce with chicken and potatoes, all cooked in one pot. Add some green veg towards your 5 a day and, hey presto,  – a delicious winter warmer.




Next was a new ingredient for me – game. My local supermarket was selling packs of mixed game so I thought I’d give it a go. I found a recipe for mixed game stew and adapted it to make it simpler and then added a puff pastry topping to make my own indulgent version of game pie. To complete the meal, I served the pie with mashed butternut squash and celeriac. Yummy!



As we’re now in February, my thoughts have turned to Valentine’s Day. I’m still hooked on crochet at the moment and I found loads of instructions for crochet hearts and used the free pattern here. Cute, aren’t they? Valentine's Day heartsThey’re dead easy to make, in fact it takes less than 5 minutes to make one and before long I had a large pile of hearts. What could I do with them?

I decided first to make a garland. See crochet section for instructions.

Valentine's garlandimage

I really like the look of this garland on the dining room mirror, so I’ve decided I’d like to make another one to put up when Valentine’s Day is over. I’m thinking crocheted flowers – yet another project to add to my list!

I still had some hearts left which I didn’t want to waste so came up with another idea to make these cute napkin rings.Next week I’ll post the pattern for these.

Valentine's napkin ringimageIn the meantime, have a good week everyone!


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