Hooked on crochet!

By chance, I found this wonderful website, Attic24, and was so inspired by all the amazing projects that I just had to have a go myself. I decided to attempt the cosy blanket so off I went to the wool shop and returned with a bag full of colourful yarn, eager to start work. It was the first crocheting that I had done for years but I confess it is now definitely my favourite craft! I started the throw just before Christmas 2014 and it has kept my fingers busy through the winter months. I found it very therapeutic; row after row, stopping to select the next colour and then off again. (It was also easy to do whilst watching TV.) I admit I am now totally hooked on crochet!

Treble stitches The pattern is simple. Two rows of trebles, change colour and two rows of treble clusters……and repeat again and again!

Colourful rowsIt just kept on growing! I made it slightly smaller than the pattern as I wanted a ‘throw’ for snuggling, not a blanket for a bed. However, I was reluctant to finish as I was enjoying it so much. Eventually I stopped and chose 4 of my favourite colours to make the edging.

Edging for throw The completed throw! I love it!

Cosy throw

The only problem is that Rosie is rather keen on it too!

Rosie on throw


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