Beautiful Spring Flowering Tubs

When we moved into our house 21 years ago, we inherited a beautiful garden. It managed to withstand our two Jack Russels and our two growing sons – learning to ride bikes, playing football etc. Then …… we had an extension built on the house and a summerhouse erected in the garden. The garden became a building site and we lost lots of plants and shrubs, but gradually it started to recover. Our sons grew up, the Jack Russels passed away and our new family pet, Rosie – the border terrier, enjoyed sunning herself in the garden without causing any serious damage, other than occasionally attempting to dig holes. Then along came our black labrador, Oscar……

Oscar the labrador

The culprit

Looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, I know! However, he has no respect for horticulture in the garden. The lawn has been churned up with his enormous paws and he does not differentiate between the paths and flower beds. Anything of a delicate nature is trodden underfoot.

Undeterred, I returned from a garden centre last autumn, armed with bags full of bulbs and decided the way forward was to plant them in tubs in the hope that they would flourish unharmed by Oscar. The Husband had the brainwave of planting the bulbs at different levels. So early on in the year there was a lovely splash of colour from the crocuses and miniature irises.

Spring flowers

Early crocuses and irises

Then gradually my selection of daffodils began to bud.

Daffodils spring flowers

Daffodils just about to flower

Now the daffs are starting to blossom, standing proud and bold.

Spring flowers daffodils

Daffodils blooming

I have so enjoyed the little splash of colour the tubs have brought to the garden, especially when the skies have been grey. A reminder that milder weather is on the way and hopefully a glimpse of sunshine. Yes, a solution to the Oscar problem too.

Ahhh! Today we have experienced gusty winds in this area of England! What has happened to my beautiful blooms?

Daffodils in bloom

Horizontal daffodils

Daffs blown over! Well, I solved one problem this season but another one’s developed. Better luck next year!




2 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring Flowering Tubs

  1. Lovely display! Oscar looks like a character 🙂 We have a tiny Cairn Terrier who looks adorable but he loves to dig! Nothing is safe. Last year we had to construct a ‘dog fence’ around the raised vegetable bed in order to stop him up rooting peas, broad beans and cabbages!


    • Cairn terrier, lovely breed. Until 2 years ago we always had small dogs and never had much of a problem. Oscar is just so big! We tried putting canes round plants but he just snaps them! Still love him though.

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