My name is Pam and welcome to my blog!

Let me tell you about myself. I share my home with my husband and two grown up sons. Of course, I mustn’t forget the  four-legged members of the family – meet Oscar and Rosie. Rosie, the border terrier, may be small but she is definitely the boss. Oscar, the black lab, is big and loud but is a real softie.

Rosie Oscar

I love all sorts of crafts, but my current favourites are crochet and sewing. If you enjoy crafts as much as I do, I hope you will find some inspiration from the ideas posted on my blog.

Throughout my years of cooking for the family, I have tried many new recipes, some of which have become firm favourites. I would really love to share these with you in the hope that you will gain as much pleasure from them as I have.

I have been allotment gardening for 7 years and began as a complete novice. How satisfying it has been to grow my own produce. I have learnt as much through my failures as my successes! Read my posts for seasonal tips to help you with your own plot.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you continue to enjoy reading my posts.


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