Hidden Honeysuckle

A lovely surprise awaited me on the allotment this weekend –  beautiful honeysuckle growing in the hedge. This is actually growing at the bottom of our garden which backs on to our allotment. It has entwined itself up the hedge and trees but is only really visible from the plot. I love the bright colour of the flowers and its heady fragrance.Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle has long been associated with superstition. In Victorian times it was grown around doors and gates to ward off witches and evil spirits. I hope we don’t have any of those on the allotment site. It was also supposed to induce pleasant dreams and lift your spirits which is why it must be used today in herbal and aromatherapy pillows. Honeysuckle

Whatever folklore has to say about it, I just love to have it in the garden.


Ready, Steady, Grow!

May was very busy on the allotment front but now feel I can draw a sigh of relief knowing that everything (well, nearly everything)  has been planted. There have been times over the last month when I wondered if 2 plots was just over stretching myself! Luckily, up stepped The Husband.

The potatoes are looking very healthy – 5 different varieties, including my favourite, Desiree.

Potatoes on allotment

Potatoes – earthed

Onions (red and white), shallots and garlic all coming along nicely.Onions, garlic sauce and shallots

The peas and mange tout are looking promising. Some were grown on indoors and some planted straight in the ground.Peas and mange tout

I can hardly believe the strawberries are starting to ripen (just in time for Wimbledon!)

Strawberries on the allotment

Something’s had a little taste!

The fruit bushes are doing well too – netted to stop those pesky birds having a feast.Fruit bushes on allotment

I’ve still got the courgettes, cucumber, leeks, squash and pumpkin to go in. One minor panic, somehow I’ve missed out brussel sprouts. It’s a tradition in our house that, on Christmas morning, The Husband digs up the brussels for Christmas lunch. So I think a trip to the nursery to pick up some plants is called for.

A disappointment along the way – my salad. Usually I just sow seeds straight into the ground every 2 weeks,  which is what I’ve done this year. Only the radishes have appeared, no sign of the lettuces after 3 sowings. Perhaps it hasn’t been warm enough?

I’m going to leave you with a query. This plant was left on our new plot by the previous occupant. It’s magnificent, it has beautiful blue flowers and is a real attraction for bees. The Husband and I thought it might be borage but it doesn’t quite match the description in the books we’ve consulted. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Allotment plant

Mystery plant.

Today is the first day of summer – in the meteorological calendar. So I’m hoping for a little warmth and sunshine – just what my allotment needs. Happy Gardening!