Valentine Card

Here is a really great idea to make your very own Valentine’s card. I had been looking for some origami ideas and came across this heart, which inspired me to create a card for February 14th.

Origami heart


The instructions are fairly straightforwards. It looks complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it only takes a couple of minutes to make one. After I made one, I experimented with different sizes. The largest heart in this photo was made from a rectangle 21cm by 10.5cm and became a heart approx 9cm wide and 8cm high . A word of caution – the smaller they are, the trickier they are to fold.

Different sized origami hearts

Then I tried out different papers.

Origami hearts in different papers

Before long I ended up with quite a pile!

Collection of origami heartsNext step was to make a card out of this lovely selection. I decided to go for something plain and simple. I arranged 3 different sized hearts on a black background.

Valentine's card Then finished by using a gold pen to write a message.

Valentine's card with message


Well, that’s my card! There’s lots of other things you could do; try using one big heart and perhaps add a ribbon or lots of small hearts in rainbow colours. I hope this gives you the inspiration to have a go yourself as there’s nothing better than giving a unique card to someone on a special occasion.

In my last post I showed you my heart napkin rings. These are very quick to make and will give your table a personal touch. Look here for the instructions.

I’m afraid we ‘cheat’ when it come to a Valentine’s meal. The Husband and I went out for a meal last weekend at a local restaurant when there was a special deal available! We enjoyed a delicious meal and avoided the crowds and overpriced Valentine’s meal which will be on offer on 14th Feb. On Saturday we shall sit down to a 3 course meal with wine and chocolates, courtesy of Waitrose’s dine in deal. Of course, we will dine by candlelight, our heart garland on the mirror and our napkins in our special napkin rings. Who says romance is dead?

Valentine's napkin ring

Heart napkin ring