Valentine Napkin Ring

This cute little napkin ring can be made in no time at all and only needs oddments of yarn. You can use colours to match your napkins, table mats or tablecloth for a co-ordinated look!

You will need

  • some oddments of yarn
  • crochet heart, instructions below
  • a matching or contrasting button


  • chain 11
  • 1 treble crochet into 3rd stitch from hook
  • 1 treble into remaining chains – you should now have 9 treble stitches
  • next row – 3 chain, miss 1st treble then work one treble into each of the trebles in the previous row (you should still have 9 stitches)
  • repeat the above step until your band is long enough to go round your napkin
  • fasten off, snip yarn, leaving a 20cm length

Your band should look like this:

Napkin ring bandNow you need to sew on your heart to the centre of the band, using the yarn tails of the heart, sew in the ends and snip off the excess yarn. Then sew a button into the centre of the heart.Sewing napkin ring bandForm your band into a circle and using the tails, neatly oversew the two ends of the band together.


Turn your band the right way and there you have it!Valentine's napkin ring








Crochet Garland

The pattern for the basic heart is here. There are really clear instructions and a video, so I suggest you follow the link. Take care, the pattern is in American crochet terms, which are different from British. Here is my simplified British version.

  • Chain 4. All the stitches you make now go through the first chain you made! Make sure you leave a tail at the beginning and end of about 6cm.
  • 3 double treble stitches
  • chain 1
  • 3 treble stitches
  • chain 1
  • 1 double treble stitches
  • chain 1
  • 3 treble stitches
  • Chain 1
  • 3 double treble stitches
  • 3 chain then slip stitch in to the centre of your heart.

That’s your heart completed! I made about 30, using 5 different colours – but the choice is yours. It’s a good way of using up odd bits of yarnCrochet hearts



Now you need to make the chain. Simply make a chain of the length you want your garland to be. Mine was about 1 and 1/2 metres long and then single crochet into each chain stitch. Valentine's garland


Next step is to join your hearts to the chain. Lay out your chain and position your hearts in the order you want them



I spaced mine about 5cm apart. Now, using the yarn tails, tie the tails together and make a knot. Fixing hearts to chain







You can sew the yarn ends into the back of the heart then snip off excess yarn.image








It should end up looking like this:image

Now do the same with each of the hearts, remembering to untwist the chain as you go. It’s a bit fiddly but, I promise, it doesn’t take too long and it’s worth it in the end.

Here’s the finished garland, ready to hang. Have fun!Valentine's garland


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