Easter Eggstravaganza!

Happy Easter!

When I saw this pack of beautiful felt squares, I immediately thought ‘spring’ and, in my imagination, saw Easter decorations!

Felt squares

Spring colours

That was in February. Well, nothing like leaving it to the last minute, I started my decorations on Thursday and hung them up today, Good Friday. Just in time to write this post.

So, Thursday afternoon saw me searching through my cupboard looking for some bits and bobs to go with the stash of felt.

Ribbons felt material

My spring hoard

I had real fun fiddling around and eventually decorated six eggs. As I was so short of time I had to cheat and use a glue gun to fix everything on and then spent the evening stuffing and stitching them together.

Felt egg decorations

My egg collection!

This afternoon I strung them up on ribbon and hung over the fireplace. Voila!

Felt Easter egg decorations

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Hope you have a good Easter and enjoy your yummy chocolate Easter eggs!



Crocheted Spring Flower Garland

At last I’ve finished my crocheted spring flower garland, I seem to have been working on it for ages. The idea came into my head in February. I had just put up my Valentine heart garland when The Husband remarked that he rather liked it on the mirror and that perhaps I could do one for every season. So that sounded like a challenge. I started by fiddling around with crocheting different daffodils. I looked up various patterns and adapted them to suit. I ended up with a rather pretty stash.

Crocheted spring flowers

Crocheted daffodils

Next I crocheted a long string, making it slightly wider than the one in the heart version to prevent it twisting so much. I decided to have 2 clusters of flowers either end and a smaller group in the middle.

Group of spring daffodils

End cluster

Spring daffodils

Central cluster of daffodils

Cluster of Spring flowers

End cluster








The finished product!

Crochet daffodil garland

My spring flower garland


The flowers go rather well with the green of the walls to give that ‘spring’ feel! Now I need to start thinking about a garland for the summer!

Beautiful Spring Flowering Tubs

When we moved into our house 21 years ago, we inherited a beautiful garden. It managed to withstand our two Jack Russels and our two growing sons – learning to ride bikes, playing football etc. Then …… we had an extension built on the house and a summerhouse erected in the garden. The garden became a building site and we lost lots of plants and shrubs, but gradually it started to recover. Our sons grew up, the Jack Russels passed away and our new family pet, Rosie – the border terrier, enjoyed sunning herself in the garden without causing any serious damage, other than occasionally attempting to dig holes. Then along came our black labrador, Oscar……

Oscar the labrador

The culprit

Looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, I know! However, he has no respect for horticulture in the garden. The lawn has been churned up with his enormous paws and he does not differentiate between the paths and flower beds. Anything of a delicate nature is trodden underfoot.

Undeterred, I returned from a garden centre last autumn, armed with bags full of bulbs and decided the way forward was to plant them in tubs in the hope that they would flourish unharmed by Oscar. The Husband had the brainwave of planting the bulbs at different levels. So early on in the year there was a lovely splash of colour from the crocuses and miniature irises.

Spring flowers

Early crocuses and irises

Then gradually my selection of daffodils began to bud.

Daffodils spring flowers

Daffodils just about to flower

Now the daffs are starting to blossom, standing proud and bold.

Spring flowers daffodils

Daffodils blooming

I have so enjoyed the little splash of colour the tubs have brought to the garden, especially when the skies have been grey. A reminder that milder weather is on the way and hopefully a glimpse of sunshine. Yes, a solution to the Oscar problem too.

Ahhh! Today we have experienced gusty winds in this area of England! What has happened to my beautiful blooms?

Daffodils in bloom

Horizontal daffodils

Daffs blown over! Well, I solved one problem this season but another one’s developed. Better luck next year!



March into Spring

A reminder that Spring has officially begun!

Allotment spring flowers

Daffodils on the allotment

Metrologically Spring began on March 1st. However according to the astronomical calendar, Spring started on Friday with the vernal equinox and perhaps you were lucky enough to see the eclipse. I was in Bruges, had a great holiday but it was so overcast that there was no chance of seeing the eclipse!

So Spring is definitely here and I am starting to panic. Fellow allotment bloggers, I am very envious when I read how much you have achieved on your plots, I am way, way behind. Not all the plot was dug over at the end of last year and that has been the first task to complete this month.  Last weekend started off bright and sunny so The Husband and I set to work.

Digging allotment plot

Let digging commence!

The original plot had been mostly finished and is now ready to go.

Plot dug

Dug and done

The newer plot needed more work –

Plot to be dug

Bed needing attention

and is just about finished. This bed had loads of bindweed in it last year and so I was having to try and dig out the roots as we went along in the vain hope that it won’t be quite so prolific this summer! I took on this second plot last year as it’s adjacent to my original plot and had been neglected for the last few years. It needed a lot of work to bring it under control (credit given to The Husband for this achievement). One bed was devoted to potatoes and the existing fruit bushes, one to butternut squash and some flowers. The third, small bed was carpeted(!)and will probably be used for the compost bins.

I’m feeling happier that most of the ‘groundwork’ has been done but there’s still so much more to do and I know that we have limited spare time over the next few weeks. The raspberry canes on the second plot require pruning, the strawberries should be thinned out, all the fruit bush beds need weeding…. So much to do, so little time!